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Kennesaw Juvenile Lawyer

Are you in the market for an experienced Kennesaw juvenile lawyer? The Cobb County law firm of Kilgore & Rodriguez has 25 years of combined experience in a great many areas of criminal defense, including the defense of juveniles.


Juvenile Courts in Georgia have jurisdiction over children who have not yet turned 17 and have committed a "delinquent act" that would constitute a criminal offense if committed by someone 17 or older. In the event of more serious criminal charges, or in the case of repeat offenders, juveniles may also be tried in Superior Court.

The rules for children under 17 are very different from the laws that govern adult offenders. Therefore, it is crucial that you retain representation that is intimately familiar with this specialized area of the law.

No parent wants to see their child sentenced for up to give years—particularly for a first-time offense or a temporary lapse in judgment. That's why, if your child has been charged with a crime, Kilgore & Rodriguez should be your first and only call.


Kennesaw juvenile lawyers Kilgore & Rodriguez are veteran Juvenile Court litigators. They have successfully defended children charged with delinquent acts including rape, kidnapping, vandalism of a place of worship, narcotics, and disruption of public schools.

For first-time offenders, the goal is always the same: We seek to have the case dismissed or resolved informally, with remedies including adult supervision and/or community service, rather than a formal adjudication or a plea of guilty.

Juvenile offenders can be sentenced to time in a juvenile detention center, but Juvenile Court has more of a focus on rehabilitation than adult courts. The Kennesaw juvenile defense lawyers at Kilgore & Rodriguez often employ creative solutions to give Juvenile Court judges options for punishment and rehabilitation that don't involve incarceration.

At Kilgore & Rodriguez, we understand that sometimes, good kids can make bad decisions or exercise poor judgment. Our job is to ensure that these choices don't negatively impact your child's future. In many cases, we are able to have a juvenile defendant's case sealed, so that those mistakes don't come back to haunt him or her in the future.

We strongly believe that the Juvenile Court process provides the opportunity for underaged defendants to learn to make better choices in their lives going forward. We want to help juvenile offenders to learn from their mistakes, become more self-confident, and have the chance to become successful in life.

Real Experience. Real Results.

Kennesaw juvenile attorneys Maddox Kilgore and Carlos Rodriguez grew up in the Marietta/Smyrna community and are proud to base their law firm in Marietta. We possess 25 years' combined legal experience, and have tried a wide variety of criminal cases. Our Number One priority is always the same—to keep you or your child or other loved one out of jail.

We give each case our personal care and attention, and we strive to bring creative, outside-the-box solutions to the table for our clients. In short—we get results. If you or a loved one has been charged with a crime, call the experienced defense attorneys at Kilgore & Rodriguez without delay.