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Marietta Juvenile Lawyer

Are you looking for a Marietta juvenile lawyer? The Marietta law firm of Kilgore & Rodriguez has 25 years of combined legal experience in many areas of criminal defense, including juvenile defense. And they have a proven track record of getting results for their clients. If your child has been charged with a crime, you need to call Kilgore & Rodriguez today.


In the State of Georgia, Juvenile Courts have jurisdiction over children who have not yet turned 17, and have committed a "delinquent act" that would constitute a criminal offense if committed by someone 17 years of age or older. In some cases, if a child is a repeat offender or is facing more serious criminal charges, these children may be tried in Superior Court.

No parent wants to see their child imprisoned, particularly for a first offense or a one-time lapse of judgment. If your child has been charged with such an offense, you want the very best representation possible. But the rules governing children under 17 are very different from those for adults. It is absolutely essential that you retain a Marietta juvenile lawyer who is an expert in this very specialized area of law.

Marietta juvenile lawyers Kilgore & Rodriguez are veteran Juvenile Court litigators. They have successfully defended children charged with such delinquent acts as rape, kidnapping, vandalism of a place of worship, narcotics, and disruption of public schools. They have 25 years of experience as a prosecutor and a defense lawyer. Maddox Kilgore served as a law clerk on the Georgia Supreme Court, an Assistant Attorney General, and an Assistant District Attorney in the Cobb County Judicial System before turning his attention to defending juveniles and adults at every stage of the criminal justice system. He knows the ins and outs of Juvenile Court, and he knows how the State will prepare its case against your child.


For first-time offenders, we seek to have the case dismissed or resolved informally, with solutions including adult supervision and community service, rather than a formal adjudication or a plea of guilty.

When that isn't enough, we can help judges determine a course of punishment and rehabilitation that doesn't involve incarceration. While juvenile offenders can be sentenced to a juvenile detention center—in some cases, for up to five years--the Juvenile Court system allows for more of a focus on rehabilitation than adult courts.

At Kilgore & Rodriguez, we know that good kids can make bad decisions. Our priority is to make certain that those choices don't create a permanent stain on your child's future. We're often able to have a juvenile defendant's case sealed, so that those mistakes don't cause problems down the road.

We believe that the Juvenile Court system offers a chance for juvenile offenders to change course and make better choices for the future. We are dedicated to helping our juvenile clients avoid time in a detention facility, learn from their mistakes, become more self-confident, and become successful in life. When you need a juvenile defense attorney, you need to call Kilgore & Rodriguez.