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Criminal Defense Attorneys in Cobb County

Are you searching for criminal defense attorneys in Cobb County? Kilgore & Rodriguez is a Marietta-based law firm specializing in criminal defense cases.


Maddox Kilgore and Carlos Rodriguez grew up in Cobb County, and are proud to base their law firm in Marietta.
Maddox Kilgore has 25 years of legal experience, having served as a law clerk on the Georgia Supreme Court, an Assistant Attorney General, and an Assistant District Attorney in the Cobb County Judicial System. He calls upon that extensive knowledge of the system as a Cobb County criminal defense attorney working with juveniles and adults. As a former felony prosecutor, he understands exactly how the state is preparing to prosecute your case.

Carlos Rodriguez has successfully defended cases for clients accused of murder, aggravated assault, possession and sale of drugs, DUI, and many other criminal cases. Carlos is a leader among the defense bar in Cobb County, having served as President of the Criminal Defense Section of the Cobb County Bar Association.


In cases involving drug offenses, including the possession or sale of marijuana, the Kilgore & Rodriguez approach is to get the prosecution's evidence of drugs suppressed or excluded. They do this by finding where police may have violated your constitutional rights during the search of property or the seizure of contraband. Evidence can be thrown out if it was discovered or seized from a person, home, hotel room, cell phone, purse, or vehicle in a way that violated the defendant's Fourth Amendment right to be free from unlawful search and seizure. Without evidence, there is no case.


When defending a client charged with DUI, Kilgore and Rodriguez seek to have any evidence of consumption and/or impairment suppressed or excluded, by finding where the police violated a client's constitutional rights in the way his or her person or property was searched, or in how the blood or breath sample was seized.

Even if there is no basis that requires that the evidence be suppressed, we look for any possible factual or legal defenses to challenge the criminal charges. This can include attacking the validity of Field Sobriety Tests or Alco-Sensor and/or Intoxylizers used to establish the client's impairment. Kilgore & Rodriguez work tirelessly to get the evidence excluded, get the case dismissed, and keep their clients out of jail.


Arrest on one or more charges pertaining to child molestation, pornography, or some other sexual offense is one of the most serious situations you can face. Harsh criminal penalties and the public humiliation that comes with the accusation of being a sex offender can have devastating effects on your family, your reputation, and your job.

Many counties in the metro Atlanta area, including Cobb County, employ special investigators and prosecutors specifically for the purpose of prosecuting sex crimes against women and children. If you've been charged with a serious sexual offense, you need the experience and expertise of the best criminal defense attorneys in Cobb County.


The laws governing children under the age of 17 are very different from those that govern adult offenders. Because juvenile charges can result in up to five years of incarceration, you need experienced representation to protect your child's future. Maddox Kilgore is a veteran Juvenile Court litigator who has successfully defended children charged with delinquent acts including rape, kidnapping, vandalism of a place of worship, narcotics, and disruption of public schools.


Kilgore & Rodriguez also offer expertise and experience in the areas of domestic violence, theft and shoplifting, traffic and driver's license offenses, and mental health defenses. In addition, Kilgore & Rodriguez has a proven track record of winning cases on appeal.

When your freedom is on the line, real courtroom experience matters. If you've been charged with a crime and need dedicated, tenacious, and reliable criminal defense attorneys in Cobb County, contact Kilgore & Rodriguez immediately.