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Criminal Defense Attorneys in Smyrna

Are you looking for criminal defense attorneys in Smyrna? Kilgore & Rodriguez are experienced criminal defense attorneys serving Smyrna, Marietta, Cobb County and metro Atlanta. With 25 years of legal experience, Kilgore & Rodriguez specialize in defending against misdemeanor and felony charges including drug, DUI, and sexual offenses, among many others.


When you're charged with a drug offense in Smyrna, the criminal defense attorneys at Kilgore & Rodriguez will immediately seek to have the prosecution's evidence against you suppressed or included. Evidence of drugs can be thrown out if it is found to have been discovered or seized from your person, home, cell phone, purse, hotel room, or vehicle in such a way as to have violated your Fourth Amendment right to freedom from unlawful search and seizure. No evidence = no case.


Have you been arrested on a DUI charge in Smyrna? The criminal defense attorneys at Kilgore & Rodriguez understand that a DUI conviction can have serious consequences—including jail, a large fine, community service, and the loss of your driver's license. And the collateral consequences can be just as devastating, such as the public humiliation of seeing your booking photo in the newspaper or plastered across the Internet. What's more, your insurance premiums may go up, or your policy may be canceled altogether. You can even lose your job.
Navigating the complicated and ever-changing minefield of DUI law requires experience and expertise. Kilgore & Rodriguez have successfully defended numerous DUI cases, often resulting in reduced charges or complete dismissal of charges.


There's no more horrifying scenario than to find yourself arrested on charges of child molestation, child pornography, or some other sexual offense. In addition to the harsh criminal penalties, everything you've worked for—your family, your marriage, your reputation, and your career—can be destroyed. If you're charged with a serious sexual offense in Smyrna, you need the criminal defense attorneys at Kilgore & Rodriguez in your corner. Because of the public humiliation such charges can bring, they'll work with tenacity and the utmost discretion to clear your name and save your privacy and reputation. Many counties in the metro Atlanta area, including Cobb County, employ special investigators and prosecutors just to prosecute sex crimes against women and children. These are often among the most experienced and best-trained investigators and prosecutors out there—you need equally experienced and expert representation.


The rules for children under 17 are very different from the laws that govern adult offenders. Because juvenile charges can result in up to five years of incarceration, you need experienced and skilled attorneys to protect your child's future. Maddox Kilgore is a veteran Juvenile Court litigator who has successfully defended children charged with delinquent acts including rape, kidnapping, vandalism of a place of worship, narcotics, and disruption of public schools.


Kilgore & Rodriguez also offer expertise and experience in the areas of domestic violence, theft and shoplifting, traffic and driver's license offenses, and mental health defenses. In addition, Kilgore & Rodriguez has a proven track record of winning cases on appeal.


When your freedom is on the line, real courtroom experience matters. If you've been charged with a crime, call Kilgore & Rodriguez, best the criminal defense attorneys in Smyrna, right away.