Theft & Shoplifting Defense

A Theft by Shoplifting charge can have a devastating impact on a person’s life that lasts forever - permanent criminal record, restricted from many job opportunities, the stigma, increased sentencing/punishment, jail time, etc. In order to be convicted of Theft by Shoplifting, the State must prove that the accused took merchandise for their own use, without paying for it, and with the intent of depriving the rightful owner its merchandise.

Misdemeanor < $500 < Felony

Many shoplifting cases get plead out by lawyers that have never actually fought for and truly defended clients charged with shoplifting. At Kilgore & Rodriguez, we’ve pushed for better results by investigating witnesses, demanding surveillance videos, and fighting to protect our clients at trial.

Pre-Trial Diversion programs are an excellent way of resolving your shoplifting case, if it is available. We’ve got the knowledge and experience to advise you of your ability to qualify for a Pre-Trial Diversion program that can save you from being prosecuted, convicted, and labeled as a shoplifter.

Theft offenses require a sharp and strong challenge to the State’s case to successfully get the charges dismissed or save you from a conviction at trial. Theft charges such as burglary, theft by taking / conversion / receiving stolen property, entering auto, carjacking, robbery / armed robbery are often fought and won in the areas of identity and intent. At Kilgore & Rodriguez, we convince prosecutors to dismiss or reduce theft charges, and juries to acquit.