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About Maddox

Jeff [2013 – son charged with aggravated child molestation]

“In my opinion, The Best Lawyer in Cobb County Ga.

Mr. Kilgore literally towers above any other lawyer I witnessed in court throughout my personal ordeal, it’s just hard to put into words. I'll thank God for him taking my case until the day I die. He is highly respected in his working community by his peers. I was more than 100% happy with Mr. Kilgore every step of the way!”

John [2013 charged with possession of marijuana]

“Maddox is very professional, knowledgeable, and reliable. Every time I've hired Mr. Kilgore to represent my case in court I have been extremely pleased with the outcome. Possession charges, leaving the scene of an accident, contributing to delinquency...you name it, Maddox can fix it, and you can sleep at night without worry! Hands down the most effective lawyer in my experience; I'm a client for life.”

Lindsey [2013 businesswoman swindled in Cobb County]

“I went to Mr. Kilgore for advice and in return received justice.”

Matt [2013 - expungement granted after 24 years]

“Helped me out with an issue that has been following me for 24 years.”

“Mr. Kilgore helped me to have an arrest record expunged from my record. I was arrested for something I did not do. I had problems with this subject in job interviews. It would come up when the criminal arrest record was pulled. Even though the case was dismissed it still showed up on my record. He helped me to have it removed and was very professional and honest during the process. I would highly recommend him.”

Juan [2013 charged with intent to distribute marijuana]

“Attorney Kilgore came highly recommended by family members. He is very professional and knowledgeable in all areas of the judiciary system. Without his expertise, my case would not have had the outcome that I had hoped for. Anyone who needs legal advice or assistance should look no further than Mr. Kilgore.”

Terri [2013 son charged with burglary and possession of marijuana]

“I hired Attorney Kilgore to represent my son in a legal matter that without adequate representation could have cost him his youth. Attorney Kilgore was first and foremost 100% honest about all possible outcomes and explored all possible defenses that could be used based on the facts of the case. He was very knowledgeable and diligent in his representation of my son. He is well respected and has a very good rapport with the judges and prosecutors alike. What struck me as most impressive was his compassion in the way that he handled and spoke with my son in almost a fatherly demeanor about making good choices for his future and I know that his words had a positive impact on my child. He never placed judgment and always listened with an open ear. I feel that Attorney Kilgore brought us the best possible result given the circumstances and I am more that satisfied with his services. I would definitely recommend him to others and would not hesitate to hire him again should the need ever arise. Thank you Maddox we couldn't have done it without your help!”

Steve [charged with aggravated child molestation in Cobb County]

“Maddox Kilgore's level of caring, professionalism, and skill is second to none. When I needed an attorney in a big way, he came through and exceeded my expectations, accomplishing the near impossible and saving my life. Because of his guidance and legal skills, I am now enjoying a life of freedom and a great career while enjoying the time I get with my family.”

Nick [charged with theft in Fulton County]

“Mr. Kilgore notified me immediately of everything pertaining to my case. He advised and guided me as to what was best for me. He reassured me at times when I needed reassuring the most. He let me know what to expect and how long things would take.

Communication was extremely important to me and he never disappointed. He was always there for me. Even though his workload may have been heavy at times, he always made me feel like my case was at the top of his list.

Mr. Kilgore had my best interests at heart at all times. He combines professionalism, knowledgeable, experience and compassion for his client. It was comforting to know I had him on my side.”

About Carlos

Joshua [2012 charged with DUI]

“Carlos provided me with expert legal council during a difficult time. His knowledge and understanding of my situation helped to keep my mind at ease throughout the entire process, including inside the courtroom. Thanks to Carlos, my DUI charge was reduced to a lesser violation, other charges were dropped completely, and I never lost my right to drive. I highly recommend Carlos to anyone in need of a skilled, knowledgeable, and highly motivated criminal defense lawyer.”

Aric [2011 charged with marijuana possession]

“I have a great deal of respect for Carlos. I can honestly say that he is a friend of mine. He worked on my case like I was his brother. I appreciate him because he didn't judge me based on my past mistakes, but he looked at the man I had become. When the prosecutor wanted to lock me up for six months for a misdemeanor, Carlos fought for my freedom and for that I am grateful! I pray that the Lord Jesus Christ will bless Carlos in all that he does for his sincere heart.”

David [2011-2012 cited for driving offenses]

"Carlos provided me (and my wife on a separate occasion) with outstanding representation and could not have been a more zealous advocate on my behalf. I was unable to attend all proceedings, but Carlos kept me well informed at every step. I have subsequently referred many (>10) friends and colleagues to Carlos, and each has had a similar experience. If you need a trustworthy attorney with a personal approach, I can't think of one better."

Sandy [2012 friend charged with drug trafficking]

"After three failed attempts with other lawyers, I was reluctant to even speak to another lawyer. I came upon Carlos and his partner Maddox based on recommendations from other lawyers. Little did I know that these two lawyers were going to help my family get through the most difficult time of our lives. We have never been in this type of predicament before and did not know what to do and found ourselves torn between the advice we heard from friends and what other lawyers had told us. Carlos and Maddox walked us through every step of the process, contacted us promptly with any updates regarding our case, and made us feel like we were in good hands. They took on the case very last minute but were able to fix what the previous lawyers had done wrong while putting the time and diligence into priming us for trial. They took the time to get to know us as people and at the end of the case, we not only got a satisfactory outcome but we gained two new friends. These lawyers are skilled and articulate and will do whatever it takes to insure that their client gets the best outcome. I highly recommend them!"