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When your liberty is at stake, you need a criminal defense lawyer with real courtroom experience.

Experienced defense attorneys like Maddox Kilgore and Carlos Rodriguez understand that nobody plans on being accused of a crime...arrested...facing prison...in need of an advocate. But when it happens, real courtroom experience matters.

Maddox and Carlos grew up in the Marietta/Smyrna community and are honored to call Marietta home for their law firm. They have tried a wide variety of criminal defense cases including: murder, child molestation, aggravated assault, aggravated battery, vehicular homicide, hijacking, kidnapping, armed robbery, RICO (racketeering), fraud, forgery, domestic violence, drug trafficking, burglary, and theft.

When battling against a savvy prosecutor at trial, or arguing complicated motions or objections before the trial judge, a lawyer’s best weapon is real courtroom EXPERIENCE. As a former felony prosecutor, Maddox Kilgore understands exactly how the State is preparing to prosecute your case. In both prosecuting and defending dozens of jury trials, Maddox and Carlos have questioned or cross-examined a wide variety of experts and professional witnesses, such as police officers, homicide detectives, medical examiners, chemists, toxicologists, firearms examiners, blood spatter experts, DNA scientists, arson investigators, cell phone experts, medical doctors, bankers, and child abuse experts.

Because the firm is devoted exclusively to defending people charged with crimes, Maddox and Carlos proudly offer their clients a wealth of real courtroom experience and a proven track record of success.

Drug & Marijuana Charge Defense

The Kilgore & Rodriguez philosophy is to have the evidence of marijuana or other drugs suppressed or excluded by finding where police violated the defendant’s constitutional rights in the way his person or property was searched, or in how the contraband was seized. Evidence of marijuana or other drugs can be thrown-out if it was discovered or seized from a person, vehicle, home, hotel room, purse, or cell phone in a way that violated the defendant’s Fourth Amendment Constitutional right to be free from unlawful search and seizure. No evidence = NOT GUILTY.

DUI Defense

A DUI conviction can result in extremely serious penalties, including jail, a large fine, community service, and the loss of your drivers license. Collateral consequences of a DUI conviction can be equally devastating, such as the public humiliation of your photograph on the internet or local newspaper, cancelled insurance or increased premiums, or even the loss of your job. Navigating the minefield of complicated and ever-changing DUI law requires EXPERIENCE. Maddox and Carlos have successfully defended numerous DUI cases that often resulted in reduced charges or dismissal altogether.

Sexual Offenses, Child Molestation & Pornography Defenses

No arrest is more frightening or embarrassing than one for child molestation, pornography, or any sexual offense. Just like Law & Order SVU...most metro area counties such as Cobb, Cherokee and Fulton have special investigators and prosecutors dedicated to prosecuting only sex crimes against women and children. Because these investigators and prosecutors are often the most experienced and best trained, you need seasoned legal representation when facing a child-related or sexually-based criminal charge.

Not only are the criminal penalties unimaginably harsh, but the public scorn and humiliation can be just as devastating. An arrest for child molestation or child pornography will likely make the news. That’s why the philosophy in challenging any child or sexually related charge is tenacity with discretion. With Kilgore & Rodriguez, you are guaranteed the experience and skills needed to defend against these serious charges, but with an understanding that your privacy and reputation need defending too.

Probation Revocations

Because the burden of proof at a probation revocation proceeding is very low (preponderance of evidence), but the stakes are extremely high (prison), EXPERIENCE in handling probation cases is critical. Maddox and Carlos have a war chest of experience after having tried hundreds of felony and misdemeanor probation revocation matters. They now use their war chest of experience (Maddox... a former prosecutor) (Carlos... a former public defender) to vigorously defend clients facing prison charged with violating the terms of their probated sentences.

Juvenile Defense

Don't let your son or daughter's future rest in the hands of a family attorney inexperienced with Georgia's Juvenile Court system. Hire an experienced criminal defense lawyer who knows the rules inside and out. For children under the age of seventeen, laws are very different than those that govern adult offenders. Because juvenile charges (delinquent acts) can result in up to 5 years of incarceration, EXPERIENCE in resolving juvenile charges and expunging their arrest record is crucial to protecting your child’s future. MaddoxKilgore is a veteran Juvenile Court litigator, having successfully represented children charged with a variety of delinquent acts, including rape, kidnapping, aggravated assault, aggravated battery, child molestation, shoplifting, motor vehicle theft, vandalism of a place of worship, disruption of public schools, and narcotics.

Maddox Kilgore and Carlos Rodriguez are criminal defense lawyers serving the metro Atlanta area

Criminal Appeals

Once your loved one has been convicted and sentenced to prison, it is easy to become discouraged and feel that all hope is lost. It’s not. At Kilgore & Rodriguez, we have a track record of winning on appeal. As a former law assistant on the Georgia Supreme Court, Maddox understands what the appellate courts are looking for and how to best present a compelling appeal. As a former Assistant Attorney General, Maddox honed his skills in legal research, writing legal briefs, and arguing appeals before the Georgia Supreme Court and the Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit. That experience has resulted in winning appeals.

Habeas Corpus

After all appeals are exhausted, a conviction can often be challenged by way of a civil lawsuit called habeas corpus. Because very few lawyers have ever handled a habeas corpus proceeding, EXPERIENCE in this very technical and complicated arena is rare. As an Assistant Attorney General, Maddox handled literally thousands of habeas corpus cases all over the State of Georgia. Maddox and Carlos understand the unique legal maneuvers necessary to pursue habeas corpus relief.

Expungement / Restricted Access to Criminal History

Once an individual is arrested, he has a criminal record. Even if the charges are later dismissed or he is found not guilty after trial, that criminal record will still exist forever. At one time, it was very difficult to have the record of arrest expunged (hidden from public view). However in 2012, the Georgia General Assembly enacted a new statute greatly expanding the opportunity to have an arrest history restricted from public view. At Kilgore & Rodriguez, we’ve studied this new law and know how to get your criminal record expunged.